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7 Amazon Predictions for 2021

Andy Amazon Advocate
19th December 2020

2020 proved to be a very tough year for many Businesses especially those in the Tourism and Entertainment sector. This was never the case for e-Commerce Sellers like us and this year we see about 30% jump from the previous year.

As 2020 is coming to an end, this is my Prediction for 2021 and let’s go!

1. Logistics and Fulfillment

This will inevitably be a huge challenge for Novice to Intermediate Sellers as Inventory Restriction and Restock Limitation will be a new normal. Therefore we have heavily invested into Third Party Logistics in the USA and UK to overcome this issue moving forward (Currently my 3PL are opened to my Students only).

Start working with 3PL in the States to overcome this problem. Have a good relationship with them from Q1. The main issue with many Sellers is that when they really need help in Q4, these 3PL are already so busy with their regular Customers, they don’t really care about them.

2. Marketing Cost

PPC advertising on Amazon is going to sky rocket and Sellers will start to look for alternatives through Influencer Marketing, i.e. YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok etc. Thus, we are shifting our focus to collaborate with many micro to macro-influencers to lower our cost during new product launch stage.

Diverse people using their phones

If you like to learn how to use Influencers to help you with your e-Commerce Sales, you can consider investing in my online course – INFLUENCER MARKETING COURSE

3. “LIVE” Selling

Amazon is going to follow suit to what Taobao is doing and this is where its going to pivot in the future. In 2019 to 2020, an increasing number of medium to big brands started doing “LIVE” selling on Prime Day. This shift is going to be a huge impact as Amazon has also launched their “LIVE” Selling App (Amazon Live Creator) on the Apple AppStore. We will also be launching our “LIVE” selling crash course for those who are interested so stay tuned. Email me if you are keen to know more update.

4. Competition

Other platforms who have a large database of users aren’t gonna sit back and watch Amazon capture all the e-Commerce Market Share.

Facebook have started Instagram Shopping, Whatsspp Webstore, Facebook Shopping. Heard that YouTube will be launching a Shopping function too. Walmart recently opened the floodgates to USA sellers via Shopify. Last but not least, eBay (one that is not willing to be labeled as 2nd place always) is coming up with new features to increase their market share too. This year alone, we have seen a rise in the sales revenue on eBay.

With this in mind, we want to make sure that we are equip with the skills and therefore our new eBay course will be out soon in the 2nd quarter of 2021. Email me for update.

5. Traffic

Amazon wants and likes to have traffic from non-Amazon marketing channels. This statement is proven true as Amazon has implemented Amazon Attribution which allows you to analyze your sales performances off Amazon marketing channels. Now, anyone who is Brand Registered is eligible to be part of this program.

I be doing some training on my YouTube channel soo on Amazon Attribution soon. You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more update in the future –

6. South-East Asia

I have received confirmation and strong signals that Amazon will be focusing on Vietnam, a country that they want to educate and produce more sellers in 2021. We too will be heading there soon!

With our network and reach in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Taiwan and Hong Kong, – Cambodia and Vietnam is an obvious choice for us to set foot on next!

If you like to know more about our extensive South-East Asia e-Commerce Courses on Lazada, Shopee, Tokopedia, do email me for more information!

SEA is a good location for selling and also sourcing. I have a video on how to do sourcing in outside of China which you can refer to.

7. Amazon Business

Amazon Business didn’t get off to a good start but I can sense the pressure that Small Business Owners are applying on them.

2021 will be better as Amazon will need to keep the interest of these owners. And of course, it will put a big SMILE on Amazon eventually.


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